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Emma Frost
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Nicole Dimera
Dec 29 2008, 10:28 PM
"Just out of curiosity, do you want her to have a baby to solely keep her with EJ? "

No, that's not why at all infact I never mention EJ when I talk about Nicole having a baby. I want her to have a child cause it's what she wants and I loved seeing her as a pregnant mother and I loved the good qualities this baby brought out of her. HOw can I not root for her to have something that meant so much to her? I love Nicole and I do hope she gets her chance to be a mother whether she's with EJ or not. Bottom line for me is that I want Nicole to have the child she should have had. It's time to grow up. People grow up and want new things in life. NIcole is at that stage where she should be thinking about having a family.
I'm sorry, and this is just from my point-of-view, of course, but Nicole doesn't seem to really want a baby but more along the lines of she wants what the baby can give her. To her, the baby is the fast track to money, power and EJ. She is now at the point of any baby will be fine. Not because she is so desperate to have the love of a baby but because she is so desperate to keep EJ and everything EJ gives her. I really find it sad and I can't even bring myself to watch it any more, I really did try.

I guess my whole point is that maybe if she can get past this whole baby nonsense the fun, snarky and funny Nicole will return. Instead, pending motherhood has made into the person she currently is, which I don't enjoy at all. And I just don't understand why some want her to be mother so badly. Eh, different opinions I guess.
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