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Nicole Walker

I just don't get why some people only see that Nicole wants a baby for money and power...but different opinions I guess.

I do feel that Nicole can't tell EJ about the baby because she doesn't want to lose him and the love that he is showering on her and the attention that he gives to her. She hasn't had that in a long time, and I think she loves having the love of a man. It's selfish, yes.
The only time she has asked him for money was when she was being blackmailed by Dr. Baker.

The other side is that Nicole lost her baby, and it affected her more than she thought it would. She fell in love with that child, and she is grieving still. Very common, and you can see it espeically today when she was talking to Jill. She wanted to experience motherhood, and to have the unconditional love of a baby...

Nicole would have been a joke of a character if all she was was the bumbling drunk town idiot who got wasted everyday so she could tell people off. It is nice to see her evolve, but still keep her edge. She is/was still street smart, protective and snarky. Definitely not a good girl, but it is nice to see her soft side when it came to her baby.

If baddies like Vic and Stefano and EJ can be hard asses, yet soft with their kids, why can't Nicole?

You are absolutely right! There is no doubt that Nicole is hurt over losing this baby and is trying to find a way to fill that void and keep the dream of having a family with EJ alive. I don't think the show could be any clearer.
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