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Dec 30 2008, 12:42 AM
Boo! I am sad DAYS stagnated in the HH's. It's been so good.
It's actually a good thing LOL.

They are actually building an audience. They were stuck on 2.0 for like two months. I'm sure they will go up, along with most soaps, in the coming weeks and then stabilize back around 2.1 with a brief bump for ML day before back to 2.1 again. However, Days is doing this right. When it decreases, it decreases minimally. It still held on to most of it's gain the past few weeks and that gives them a higher base to increase from. That is how JER did it in the 90's and is how other soaps have to do it too. You have to slowly build an audience back by stabilizing and slowly moving upward. Days has been doing that and they are still following the pattern of the last few weeks.

Even more encouraging for all soaps is you can't even say snowstorms played a role. The best numbers were earlier in the week, when snowstorms weren't plentiful. Good sign. It's just good to see more +'s, even if most soaps are still down from last year. Days' number vs last year is staggering though. If they can continue this pattern, I fear for the vets on other soaps and for those left on Days.
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