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Dec 28 2008, 01:59 PM
Ladyofthelake, I guess you and I have a fundamental disagreement on this. To me, on a soap board, anything soap-related can be a major event! That's what we're here for! We come here to discuss soaps, so if we feel strongly about something, this is the place for it. It's not like we're steering our discussions in 'real life' to topics like Dena Higley.

And also, about your analogy "When old workers at your workplace leave and others come in, do you try to work with them or shun them because they're new?" - my answer to that would be, some employees have such an attachment to the people who leave that they leave with them, and they follow them to a new workplace. I've seen that happen at many workplaces when a higher-up leaves - and I think, to continue your analogy, that's what many of Deidre's fans plan to do, no matter where her new workplace is.
I have a slight variation of the analogy, and I think it fits how I feel with Days.

I changed jobs back in May of this year. I'd been with my prior company for 18 years. The company decided to outsource, and a dear friend I had worked with for years warned me to get out just before she retired because she couldn't rubber stamp what was coming. I loved that job, I loved the people I worked with co-workers, users, bosses, everyone. I looked for a job and was fortunate to get out before they replaced a majority of the staff with outsourced staff.

I have friends who are still there who are absolutely miserable working insane hours (they don't get overtime either) struggling to keep afloat. They contact me often to discuss how bad things have gotten.

Do I hate the contractors who have no idea what they are doing and are just doing the job they are paid to do? No, not at all.

Do I hate that the company didn't understand what they had and have hurt it because outsourcing sounded good on paper? Yes.

Do I hate that friends I've worked with for 18 years are suffering. Yes.

Do I think that eventually things may work out? I genuinely hope so for my friends sake, and I wish things would go back to the way they were because I miss my friends, and the job I used to love, and would like to go back if things were better. But I don't trust that things will ever get better. I was asked to come back and even knowing how insane it was to even think of going back, it was hard to say 'no'.

I miss my friends and what I used to do. Sometimes even when you are doing what's best for you, it hurts like hell knowing times have just changed and there's no going back. It helps commisserating with others.

The new actors on Days are not the problem, nor the vets. Days itself is (for me). My friend retiring is analogous to J&M leaving. 'Get out while you can!' But it doesn't mean I don't wish things were different.
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