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Dec 30 2008, 06:59 PM
While we're talking about this autism story (if I may call it that)...

So far, all I've really seen is Theo either act up or shut down and Lexie freaking out over whichever one happens and Abe tapping his foot saying Lexie is too overprotective. That's pretty much it. I know parents react to this news in different ways but they have had some time to take it all in. Now it's time for some reaction, getting educated, talking to other parents of autistic children, etc. and just trying to make sure you're not losing your marbles. But what did we get? Nothing.
I think thatīs exactly the problem. Because the things you are describing are so undramatic and unDAYS and simply boring I think any sane EP immediatelly bans any suggestions to invest some serious airtime into that. So they show only the most dramatic moments and the obligatory family moments and even these use as a filler and only when there is some spare time to not scare viewers off.
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