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I was hoping to see Abe and Lexie divorce because Abe couldn't accept his kid as being different, and Lexie sticking up for him...or Lexie cheating on Abe, then being blackmailed by someone because she is the wife of a politician...something soapy.
I will be laughing my ass off if they "cure" Theo of his autism after all of the hype Days has been getting for it. That is a shitty way to handle it. It's not like kids have that big of a role on the show. Theo could just be a mention here and there, and show the affects on Lexie and Abe.

However, I did read that Jenny McCarthy's son was cured of autism through therapy and diet (or something), so is it possible?

Love that my "sucker punch Lucas" decks Dr. Dan. He has been asking for it!!! Although, in a fair fight, I have a feeling that Lucas would get his ass kicked. Dan is one buff dude. Then again, so is Lucas. Hard to say.

Love that they will show Jarlena on the pier! It will break my Jarlena loving heart and take me back to the days of great romances. Haven't seen one of those on Days in a long time!!!

Thanks for the updates, Angie!!!
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