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Dec 30 2008, 07:20 PM
Dec 30 2008, 06:59 PM
While we're talking about this autism story (if I may call it that)...

So far, all I've really seen is Theo either act up or shut down and Lexie freaking out over whichever one happens and Abe tapping his foot saying Lexie is too overprotective. That's pretty much it. I know parents react to this news in different ways but they have had some time to take it all in. Now it's time for some reaction, getting educated, talking to other parents of autistic children, etc. and just trying to make sure you're not losing your marbles. But what did we get? Nothing.
I think thatīs exactly the problem. Because the things you are describing are so undramatic and unDAYS and simply boring I think any sane EP immediatelly bans any suggestions to invest some serious airtime into that. So they show only the most dramatic moments and the obligatory family moments and even these use as a filler and only when there is some spare time to not scare viewers off.
Exactly. I think many have been trained to expect Days a certain way, which is why the numbers are as good as they are now. I think the way the show is fits into what is expected by the people who matter in the ratings.

By the way, Theo is not cured of autism. I don't know why people would think that. I think there was spoilers mentioned somewhere on the DR that Theo got into an accident. Bo's visions set this up too. Thaoo alluded to it too as Tony and Stefano are by Lexie's side. It happens the week of January 5th. I think it may even happen in the mansion as Stefano and Lexie are arguing, I believe over Theo, and he takes a bad fall. It has nothing to do with his autism.

I totally disagree about the autism. The writing for Abe and Lexie was great in October and early November because their appearances were about more then just the autism. The autism story was blended into his mayor race story and it worked wonderfully. The issue is that since then it's just been about the autism and not much else. Hopefully, they will get back to making it part of the material for Abe and Lexie and not using it as their sole purpose.

While the story was not Dena's idea, I do think it is sort of her story and if it was trashed, that would be a sure sign that she will be gone soon.

The spoilers sound great, especially the J&M one. It has to be the 1991 one scene.
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