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Dec 31 2008, 12:49 AM
Dec 30 2008, 10:15 PM
While the story was not Dena's idea, I do think it is sort of her story and if it was trashed, that would be a sure sign that she will be gone soon.
Wait a minute. The autism storyline wasn't Dena's? How do you know this? I don't recall Higley coming out, one time, and saying that she was forced to write this story. Actually, I've read the opposite. She was praising writing this storyline because it was so dear and near to her heart because of her own children. But now she was supposedly forced?
It's been discussed numerous times. Some of her comments in her blog suggested being uncomfortable with the subject matter because of her son and because of it hitting so close to home. She mentioned how NBC and Days came to her to write this.

Here is the quote from her July 2nd blog: "And now I'm getting ready to go back to NYC to do the Today show with Renee and Jim and talk about the autism storyline. I want everyone to know that NBC came to me with this story idea (props to Rebecca McGill and Bruce). This wasn't my initial idea. I would never presume to foist my own agenda on the public. But with a nurturing environment, our writers are going to go to town to write a pretty powerful story. And Renee and Jim are beyond great and ready to commit body and soul to this story. How fabulous is that?"

She has discussed autism numerous times in her blog and it's clearly a weighty subject for her. She has since praised how good it turned out but I do think she was uncomfortable with it off the bat and that, along with Ed, played a role in the uneven start to the story. It can't be a coincidence that the minute Dena got back in control, the autism story got more play.
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