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Dec 31 2008, 01:01 AM
Here is the quote from her July 2nd blog: "And now I'm getting ready to go back to NYC to do the Today show with Renee and Jim and talk about the autism storyline. I want everyone to know that NBC came to me with this story idea (props to Rebecca McGill and Bruce). This wasn't my initial idea. I would never presume to foist my own agenda on the public. But with a nurturing environment, our writers are going to go to town to write a pretty powerful story. And Renee and Jim are beyond great and ready to commit body and soul to this story. How fabulous is that?"
I remember this quote. But I never took this as Higley being forced to write the autism storyline. I know the execs can be cruel, but if they thought for one moment that this storyline was pushing too close to home for Higley, they would have axed the idea. They would've had to take her personal life into effect. I believe that NBC approached her about the idea to have one of the children of Salem be diagnosed with autism, and Higley accepted the idea. I think that the stuff we saw in the fall, when the story actually seemed to be about Theo's autism, was supposed to be what was written in the beginning. However, it was around this time that Scott and Higley seemed to start butting heads and storylines were being thrown in every random way. The autism storyline probably didn't get the attention it should've gotten, and did get later on in the year.

But in no way do I think NBC forced Higley to write this story and that she was uncomfortable to write it.
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