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Dec 26 2008, 06:14 PM
Dec 26 2008, 06:11 PM
Well, thus far, she appears to be able to go to the post office and pick up a package without needing Philip's support. I liked Morgan and Philip and Morgan right up until they made Morgan a simpering wimp who totally believed Philip was a wonderful guy despite the fact that her father (who she believed could do no wrong) warned her multiple times to stay away from him.

Thus far (and Lord knows it could change tomorrow), I like that Stephanie has been more confident lately and most of her interaction with Philip has been fun and banter-y. I really wish they would develop Stephanie's character further, but I hold no real hopes for that since the show doesn't seem to have any interest in developing anybody's character.
I could have gone more for this pairing if it weren't so "in your face this is who we're gonna go with" about it.

I prefer subtley being lead along, not hit over the head with it.
It seems like when the show is "in your face" about a coupling (oh hi Daniel and Chelsea!) that's when all the backlash occurs. It's like Corday is saying "you'll love this couple!" and we're all shouting "NO, WE WON'T!" right back at him.

Shelley and Jay have had some alright scenes together, but this couple just doesn't spark with me. Not yet, anyway.
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