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SOW interviews Nadia Bjorlin about what happens this coming week in Chloe and Daniel's story. "It's scandalous! Just so wrong on so many levels," Bjorlin says.

Kate arranges Chloe and Lucas's engagement party. Kate only tells them this the day of the party, after they go visit her at the Kiriakis mansion. Bjorlin tells SOW that Lucas and Chloe are "a little taken aback", especially since Chloe "is going through conflicting feelings" for Daniel.

However, Chloe agrees to go to the party. After Kate leaves, Lucas asks Chloe if she's having second thoughts about their getting married, but Chloe tells him that she isn't, even though she can't stop thinking about Daniel.

Before the party, Chloe goes upstairs to change into the dress Kate bought her. Daniel arrives and Kate tells Lucas that she and Daniel are no longer a couple. Lucas thinks that Daniel dumped Kate, and Lucas "decks" Daniel. However, Kate then tells Lucas that she was the one who initiated the breakup. After Daniel comes to, Lucas says he's sorry, and Daniel goes upstairs to look for a first aid kit.

When Daniel is upstairs, he tries to find Chloe. He knocks on her door, and she thinks it's Lucas, so without turning around, she tells the person at the door to come in and help her with her zipper.

Daniel comes in the room and tells Chloe they should stop denying their feelings, and he tells her she shouldn't get married to Lucas if she also has feelings for him. Then he kisses her and slams her against the door. Bjorlin says, "It's sweet, then it's just hot."

Chloe pushes him away and confronts him about his relationship with Kate. He tells her that he and Kate broke up, and that all she needs to do now is break up with Lucas. Then, Chloe gives in, and there is a "volatile passion" between them. "They're ripping each other's clothes off."

But - Lucas then comes to the door. Bjorlin relates that "Chloe doesn't want to get caught and ruin what she has with Lucas."
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