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SOW interviews Renee Jones in this week's issue.

Jones tells SOW that Bo has not told Lexie about his visions that Theo will be in danger. Theo's therapist tells Lexie that Theo needs cheering up, and then Stefano calls and says he has a gift for Theo, so Lexie brings Theo to the mansion.

Lexie and Stefano start arguing, and Theo wanders off. Lexie finally notices he's missing and finds him on the stairs. Theo slips and falls and then lies motionless. Lexie blames herself and then blames Stefano, because she thinks Theo wandered off because he sensed the tension between Stefano and Lexie.

Stefano calls 911 and they tell him that an ambulance is already on the way. Stefano wonders about that and tells Lexie, but she's not paying attention.

Bo, who made the call to 911 because he had a vision, comes with Hope to the mansion. Lexie asks Bo how he knew to come, but he avoids the question.

Theo needs surgery to relieve pressure on his brain, and Lexie stays strong and goes into "doctor mode". But then later she breaks down and again blames Stefano.

Theo's surgery is a success, and Lexie asks Abe if he can forgive her. He tells her "that there is nothing to forgive, that she's a wonderful mother." Even after the surgery, Lexie does not know about Bo's visions.
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