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Dec 31 2008, 12:16 PM
Dec 31 2008, 12:10 PM
Ok .. so, am I the only one who wonders what the point of watching this s/l is? Since we already now know the beginning, middle, and end? I mean, what kind of teaser/spoiler article is this? They give away the whole thing ... and I really doubt I would have cared much to begin with anyway.

Thanks for posting Ellie ... sorry to be a complainer, I just really don't care about anything with Lexie and Abe at all. Blah.
I'm not sure they're giving away the whole story, since the article makes clear that Lexie doesn't know about Bo's visions. I don't know if that will continue to have future relevance or not, but apparently Bo doesn't want Lexie to know how he knew.
Well, thats true .. but still, it just sort of seems like, "this happens, then this happens, then that happens, then everything is a-ok ... but Bo doesn't tell Lexie about his vision." Like, huh? I guess I don't see the potential for any real impact from that detail being kept from her. :shrug: So?

Oh well .. I really have never had any interest in any Lexie story anyway.
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