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Well, I like Chloe and I'd like for her to stick around, but I'm sick and tired of there being no motivations for her behavior. Since she wasn't a slut before she married Brady, what happened to make her this kind of person? This dates back to the inexplicable Lucas sex in the elevator when they barely knew each other. I think Dena/Tomlin/Whitesell just think, "Oh, well, we made a mistake with 'x' pairing [in this case, Lucloe/Chan/Date], so we'll just try another combo and the characters' past history won't bother anyone." They're just going to keep shuffling until they find something that works, but the more often they do that the less anyone will want to see the final result because (1) it damages both characters in a pairing and (2) why invest in a couple when they'll just get broken up anyway?

And why Chloe is being kept (romantically) away from Philip and Brady--who at least it would make sense for her to cheat on Lucas with--I have no idea.
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