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This is a "NICOLE" SL w/EJ playing playing a supporting role- at least right now. But when the reveal about all the things that both Nicole and Sami have done to him come to the surface, then the tables will turn.
This is fine with me because the SL is well developed and the actress is giving us what the audience needs to be invested in the character. People love, hate, are sad, happy- emotions that make people want to watch!
I'm just glad that Sami is in WP because I could see her screaming incessantly during this whole SL if she wasn't. With her being isolated to a couple of characters- and she has no real "enemy" to yell at, then she's tolerable.
As for the "dumbing" down of EJ. Well, this is a SL, people need to give the writers a chance to establish it and I dont consider him being dumbed down. He's distracted w/work and his new responsibilities w/Stefano. He does get suspicious, but Nicole is smart and her excuses can be believable. The one thing that bothers me? Why hasnt she asked Dr Baker to make up a sonogram pic for her to take to EJ?
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