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Dec 31 2008, 10:28 AM
Dec 31 2008, 10:00 AM
:puke: I think that is the new DR phrase of the year "EJ being dumbed down". I think it is in every damn thread as he has been "dumbed down" since January. I don't even know what it means anymore.
It has as much of an effect as "EJ lost his balls". :blah:

ETA: And the "Nicole show" is kicking ass! We finally have an actress who is worth a damn, with an intresting story, and a hot guy in love with her. I can wait for the fallout!!! Its better than we have had all friggin year!!!
IMO some people feel he has been "dumbed down" because he doesn't realize, despite many clues and hints, that Nicole is no longer pregnant and has a large piece of rubber stuffed under her shirt.

And I'm thinking some people feel he has "lost his balls" because he just blindly accepts whatever cock and bull stories she feeds him. For example, the scene that put it over the top for me was when Dr. Baker show up at the Dimera mansion, at night, for an "exam". He and Nicole head up to her bedroom alone and apparently EJ doesn't think this is a strange occurrence.

With that being said, I understand it needs to be this way to further the plot. But that doesn't mean it can't bug me as an EJ fan, especially if it comes across as EJ being written this way to make Nicole look smart and crafty.
And EJ was just full of brains when Sami flouted around in that tent dress right before she went into that so-called witness protection program. I thought a guy as savvy as EJ would realize tent dresses aren't exactly in vogue now? Again, I say the brainless ball-less EJ was happening before they put him with Nicole. It had to happen to make him palatable enough for the Bradys. And I mean brainless as in good old common sense when it comes to women. Any guy who kept hanging on for Sami's "I love you. No I love Lucas. No, I love myself" is about one doughnut short of a dozen.
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