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Viewing Single Post From: SOW: Chloe Spends her Engagement Party with Daniel

Sorry, but I think you are too uptight. Chloe and Dan are both adult, very sex driven people, I donīt see anything wrong with this. The show doesnīt pretend Chloe/Dan are the next supercouple or they love each other more than anything. They just want to scr*w each other, it happens. Maybe it will develop into something more, maybe not.

I like this story much more than when Chloe and Lucas tried to pretend they are totally happy and in love after few offscreen weeks together, or when Dan and Chelsea suddenly started to sing love songs about each other. This is pure entertainment, classic "B" movie story about animal attraction between two wrong people and how it eventually destroys them and everybody around. And even if the start was a little rushed and forced for obvious reasons, now when the story is in full swing Iīm very happy with the outcome.

I certainly donīt want every relationship being written that way but there is no reason why donīt explore it sometimes. Nadia and Shawn have ideal looks for a story like that and exactly how Nadia said, "itīs wrong, wrong on so many levels," but IMO entertaining as hell as well, especially when the couple at stake is not a supercouple with a strong fanbase so poor Dena will not get tons of death threats when Lucloe donīt make it to the alter after all.
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