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^ so agree! When they shove couples in our throats w/out some build up then it just becomes about sex and nothing more.
I really like Stephanie and Philip but I do wish they would have more non-romantic interaction. Give them a huge project at work- have them talking more about their past relationships and why they failed. Have their families interlope more so that they start talking about it.

Its also really hard for Stephanie to call Melanie a slut if your blouse is cut lower then hers???

As for Melanie- she started out as a Sami clone- all screaming all the time! I couldnt stand that! But now the actress has toned it down more and she's much better. I do think she needs to be in the Stephanie/Phil SL, but Phil needs to stop the screaming- you can still distrust/not like a person and not have to yell!

One thing I cannot believe is Melanie being Nicole's daughter...BMAFB! I hate that! I wouldnt mind the whole SL if the character of Nicole would be in her 40s- but come on-having Melanie be 18 and Nicole be her "age" it just sooo impossible to believe. They already gave away too many plot points for the audience to "suspend" belief. For example, Trent and Nicole married when she's 19, and Melanie's 18, so that would make Nicole 37/38? Come on?? REALLY???

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