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Dec 31 2008, 01:16 PM
Dec 31 2008, 01:13 PM
As far as the low-cut top goes....Sami, Chloe, and in the past, Mimi always went around with low-cut tops, no matter what the occasion. Heck, Lexie used to wear them under her lab coat, so I really don't know why this keeps coming up.
It's a problem for me because Mimi, Chloe and Sami did not have corporate jobs. Stephanie dresses inappropriately for work. I don't care what she wears when she's not in the Titan hallway that passes for the office, but when she's on the job she needs to wear something less revealing.

As for Lexie, I don't really remember her wearing anything revealing at work, but if she did, my answer would be the same: it needs to stop.
Well, if it keeps coming up maybe there's something to it?

Maybe those other actresses did wear revealing clothes but its very noticeable on her because she's supposed to be the "professional" and Melanie is supposed to be there just to pick up on guys. When Stephanie gets on her high horse and tells Melanie to act "appropriately" it really is hard to "believe" her character when she has a plunging blouse on!
And Lexie has a Dr. coat on so maybe if she's wearing something revealing, the dr. coat distracts from it.
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