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Dec 31 2008, 02:00 PM
Dec 31 2008, 01:48 PM
Dec 31 2008, 01:17 PM
I have a theory that the whole Trent storyline was to distance Max from his adopted family in order to downplay the ick factor of Max boinging his neices.
I think that was definitely part of it for sure.

In regards to this, I'm happy Rachel nixed any idea of Chan redux. I know some looked at the spoilers and thought they saw hints of her going after him after he and Kate broke up. She seems over that pairing, finally, although I think it's more because she doesn't see the show going back to it so she has to move on rather then it being about what the fans want and her reflecting that. However, while I agree with most of her points, particularly how Chelsea hurt Max, I hate how she makes it sound like Daniel did what he did to Kate because of her. That kind of came off like Daniel's whole world revolving around Chelsea still and, while I think she is past it, I think deep down she still wants that Chan pairing.
I can see why Racheal would prefer the Chan pairing over the Chax one. It could be that she is as turned off by Max and his neices as the viewers are and that Chan had more potential to be a more popular pairing because they didn't have the whole family thing going on.
Could be. I tend to think it has more to do with her thinking SC is hot and she thinks there is more story potential there then it does anything else. My problem is that I still think she doesn't realize that Chan didn't work out for a reason.

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