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Dec 31 2008, 03:06 PM
Dec 31 2008, 03:01 PM
^Perhaps, Drew. I can't see them curing it but I can see them making Theo a little less difficult. if that happens, maybe Dena will get pissed and walk again LOL. I can't imagine she would be happy with that.

If that happens, though, I wish they would just say they misdiagnosed him. That would be a cop out and may not make alot of sense but I would prefer it over actually curing it because I would find that a bit too hard to swallow.
Wait, wait, wait... lol, didn't I write a whole post in the other thread about misdiagnosis or curing him, and you said it's not going to happen and that we were misinterpreting the story? (Or was I misunderstanding your post? Seriously.)

Either way, I stand by what I said, and if they do any of those (write it off as a misdiagnosis, or "miracle cure", or even make his behavior change), I think it's terrible writing and a slap in the face to any parents of autistic kids who may be watching.

And if Dena wants to walk out - FINE WITH ME! :cheer:
Yes you did but the post in that thread was me clarifying what was happening. Someone speculated that they were curing Theo's autism via the surgery and I posted saying that wasn't the purpose behind the surgery and that it was because of Theo's fall.

I doubt they will cure it. I was just saying IF they did, I would prefer he just never had it at all. Either way, it's a slap in the face but I can tolerate it more. I do think it's possible that he will be less difficult. I can understand and see that but I don't expect more then that. I doubt Days will want to undo a story that NBC came to them with in the first place.
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