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Dec 31 2008, 03:54 PM
Dec 31 2008, 01:10 PM
One thing I cannot believe is Melanie being Nicole's daughter...BMAFB! I hate that! I wouldnt mind the whole SL if the character of Nicole would be in her 40s- but come on-having Melanie be 18 and Nicole be her "age" it just sooo impossible to believe. They already gave away too many plot points for the audience to "suspend" belief. For example, Trent and Nicole married when she's 19, and Melanie's 18, so that would make Nicole 37/38? Come on?? REALLY???

I do agree with you that it is alittle far fetched that Nicole would have a teenager daughter.

but stranger things has happened on days. If EJ can be 27-30 even though he was born in what 1998 or around there, anything can happen.

If Nicole is revealed as Melanie's mother. Then this would get Nicole the hell away from Sami's man EJ and have Melanie away from Philip and Stephanie.

I really want Nicole as Melanie's mother.
I guess I'll have to suspend belief....AGAIN! Maybe its because I didnt mind if Nicole went after Phil...and making Melanie her daughter.....just dont want Nicole to be strapped with an ADULT daughter!

As for clothing in the workplace....If I notice another character dressing inappropriately, then I would call it out too! I really like Stephanie and not character bashing but pleezee that girl is/was dressing like a ho!
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