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Miss Rhi
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New line up for the new year...... :puke:

6-9AM: Paid Programming
9-9:30AM: All in the Family
9:30-10AM: Sanford and Son
10-11AM: The Jeffersons 2x
11-12NOON: Good Times 2x
12-1PM: Extreme Make-Over: Home Edition
1-2PM: The Beverly Hillbillies 2x
2-3PM: Gunsmoke
3-4PM: Bonanza
4-6PM: Hogan's Heroes 4x
6-8PM: The Andy Griffith Show 4x
8-10PM: The Cosby Show 4x
10-11PM: Scrubs 2x
11-1AM: 3rd Rock From the Sun 4x
1-2AM: M*A*S*H 2x
2-4AM: Three's Company 4x
4-5AM: Extreme Make-Over: Home Edition
5-6AM: M*A*S*H 2x

6:00AM: Gunsmoke
7:00AM: Bonanza
8-9AM: Leave it to Beaver 2x
9-10AM: Green Acres 2x
10:00-12NOON:: The Brady Bunch 4x
12-1PM: The Andy Griffith Show 2x
1:00pm-8:00pm Movies/Sitcom Marathons 16x
8:00-9:00PM: Cosby Show 2x
9:00-11:00PM: The Andy Griffith Show 4x
11:00-12MID: Cosby Show 2x
12:00-2:00AM: 3rd Rock from the Sun 4x
2:00-4:00AM Three's Company 4x
4:00-6:00AM Little House on the Prairie 2x

6:00am Star Trek
7:00am Gunsmoke
8-10AM: Bonanza 2x
10:00-12NOON: Beverly Hillbillies 4x
12pm-2:00PM: Hogan's Heroes 4x
2:00-7:00PM: TV Land Goes West (Bonanza 3x, Gunsmoke 2x)
7:00-10:00PM: The Andy Griffith Show 6x
10:00-12MID: M*A*S*H 4x
12:00-2:00AM: Beverly Hillbillies 4x
2:00-4:00AM: Leave it to Beaver 4x
4:00-6:00AM: Little House on the Prairie 2x

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