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Jan 1 2009, 10:18 PM
No, they haven't given her any plausible direction or motivation for months and months. They obviously shifted direction when MM and BB got fired, and then they changed direction again from when it looked like they were going to revisit Phloe as of the plane crash. Somebody wanted Philip/Morgan, and once that was decided they didn't seem to know what to do with Chloe. It was insulting and disgusting, IMO, and totally out of character to have her screw Lucas, who she barely knew and with whom there was almost literally no buildup. Not to mention when they did the FWB thing with Philip, a new viewer (are there any of those anyway?) would have had no idea they were once in love; not a single flashback. It was just an excuse to get a hot couple naked. Lucloe never should have happened but once it did, they should have been broken up immediately. Their engagement is one of the most WTF? things of 2008 for me. And now this Dr. Dan thing?
Excellent points, and that is SUCH a good point about the flashbacks. I think that really proves what we're saying, that they've decided to completely ignore who Chloe is. The engagement makes no sense to me at all either, especially that it's so rushed. They'll probably just pair her up with someone else after Dr. Dan is finished. I wonder if some higher-up wanted to keep Nadia around because she's pretty, so this writing is Dena's way of immaturely sticking it to whoever made that decision.

I know you and a lot of people like neither the character nor Nadia, but I do, and I think if written properly she's a sympathetic, likeable character. I don't think Nadia's a great actress by any means but IMO most soap actors aren't that good, and I like her and I'd rather watch her than, say, Molly Burnett. But the way things are now, I expect and even hope that she's gone with Shawn Christian, assuming he doesn't renew his contract, which I can't imagine he will. If she's just going to be treated as a sex doll I'd rather she was gone. Like I say, it's not the idea of her suddenly being a slut that's so appalling to me, in that perhaps there's a motivation for it--but what? She's not even two-dimensional at this point.
That's fine, I know we disagree on her acting. ITA with the rest of this. Chloe is now completely one-dimensional, and like you're saying, even if they're making her the local slut, the writing is not even exploring that angle. I agree, I really wish they'd get rid of her. (Unfortunately though, knowing Dena, they'd probably just move another actress into that 'love scene only' role.) I think Chloe is really a symbol of how shallow and dirty the show has become overall.
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