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"Relax nobody's having sex.... at least not yet"

I'm sick and tired of Dan/Chloe they've been doing nothing but staring at each other for weeks, and THAT'S IT! We keep getting the same damn flashbacks of her slamming his finger in the door, and when he saw her half naked at the cabin. It is so :sleep: I remember when Chloe actually had a brain and say intelligent things....well sorta. But now she's a whore that has done nothing but think about who to screw next, after Daniel she'll probably move on to Max or something. Who knows I hate Dena Hackley she's ruined characters that I used to love. She has fucked DAYS up, I hope Ken Corday is happy that he's letting this dumb ass hack ruin his parent's creation. God, I hate her with a passion. I'm about to go on YOUTUBE, and look at old clips when DAYS was DAYS. It's went from Days of our Lives, to Sex Partners of Our Lives. :frustration:
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