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Jan 2 2009, 05:14 PM
Jan 2 2009, 05:08 PM
Thanks Angie!

Over/under on Marlena's being with John when he has that breakthrough?? They showed a video camera, and we know who offered to video his sessions....

And Nadia's acting... I just can't even find words to describe it. "I. Love. Lucas. Ok."
Ellie, I knew you would be thrilled that John and Marlena had to share the promo with Dan and Chloe! I can't imagine there's a large crossover between those fanbases . . . or that Dan and Chloe have much of one.
LOL! Oh please!! In this week's SOD, there was this J&M spoiler (John remembers the pier), but guess whose picture was next to it? That's right, CHLOE AND DAN! Because they had a spoiler as well. Glad Dena's using this opportunity to piggyback these horrendous characters and their story on J&M's popularity.

I can see it now... John and Marlena have a small, intimate wedding, then we pan to Chloe and Dan, getting busy in the back of the church...
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