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Soap Dish: These 'Days,' Daniel's in danger & denial

Friday, January 2nd 2009, 4:00 AM

Daniel splits with Kate next week on "Days of Our Lives" and goes right for Chloe - who is engaged to Kate's son, Lucas.

"It's something he just can't seem to control," says Shawn Christian, who plays the devilish doctor. "He had her in his arms at midnight on New Year's and a phone call stopped them. Either that or a twitch of morality."

There's not much "morality" at the engagement party Kate throws for Lucas and Chloe later in the week.

"Lucas decks Daniel at the party because he thinks Daniel dumped Kate," says Christian. "Daniel probably deserves it on many levels, but it's actually Kate who breaks up with Daniel. She wants to focus on her family and her health."

After being dumped and decked, Daniel courts danger.

"He goes upstairs after he gets decked by Lucas and he finds Chloe," says Christian. "Her dress happens to be unzipped. Gentleman that he is, he helps her. Then he expresses his feelings, and she expresses her feelings."

After all these months of denial, Daniel and Chloe finally admit they care about each other.

"Everything explodes in this room," says Christian. "It's raw, honest emotion. Once the feelings are out, she starts slapping him and hitting him. She tells him, 'I hate you!' Rather than just jump each other's bones, they resist. He genuinely says it's not just about sex. It would be easier on both of them if it was just sex."

In the course of all that slapping and denying, things eventually go where they insist they don't want them to.

"If you've seen the fantasies Daniel has been having, then you know what's been going on in his head. Actually, he has shown remarkable restraint up to this party."

Clothes start coming off, but then the third corner of their triangle comes looking for her.

"Lucas finds them before anything serious happens," says Christian. "He knocks on the door and they scamper to their respective corners in complete denial."

No one is the wiser at the party, and the two vow to keep things strictly platonic.

"But the next day Chloe goes to Daniel's apartment to confront him on this very issue. The scene opens with, 'This will never happen again!'"

Yeah, right.

"Now that they've laid their cards on the table, so to speak, it's going to get really interesting," says Christian. "That zipper works the other way, too!"

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