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Jan 2 2009, 08:11 PM
After all these months of denial, Daniel and Chloe finally admit they care about each other.

"Everything explodes in this room," says Christian. "It's raw, honest emotion. Once the feelings are out, she starts slapping him and hitting him. She tells him, 'I hate you!' Rather than just jump each other's bones, they resist. He genuinely says it's not just about sex. It would be easier on both of them if it was just sex."
"But the next day Chloe goes to Daniel's apartment to confront him on this very issue. The scene opens with, 'This will never happen again!'"

Did he mean after all these couple weeks?

They care about each other? huh

He genuinely says it's not just about Sex? For the love of God, can he stop right there.

OMG this show doesn't have a chance of surviving if they keep this kind of S/L. If they are trying to sell them as a love story or super couple, it means Corday is not trying to save his parents legacy.
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