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Jan 2 2009, 09:13 PM
See? This article is just hilarious!
Months of denial? The feel up exam was in December, wasn't it? Not just sex? Yea, like they have so much in common and have enjoyed each other's company and have really gotten to know each other in all these months...

Great spin there, Shawn! I am glad you are so into it, as I am sure feeling up Chloe is much better than feeling up Chelsea. So I guess if I look at it that way, it ain't all that bad.

Thanks for sharing!
Actually, it has been nearly 3 months. They began making eyes at each other in early November. Actually, it seemed to begin when he learned Chloe has cancer at one point and saw her upset outside Kate's room. It started from there and it was in December that the fantasies started. Days has weird timelines anyway so I wouldn't get too roped into it. I would say they had somewhat of a build but it could've been better. I still think this is a exit story more then anything else. I like it for what it is, as I've mentioned before, so it sounds good to me.

I just feel bad for SC. He's had to sell so much shit this year LOL.
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