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Nicole Dimera
Jan 3 2009, 01:35 AM
WTF? I mean first Luloe now Danloe!! Stop throwing Chloe into relationships that take 2 seconds to build. I don't even know where the feelings came from it's like BAM they have feelings for each other after two or three conversations. What the hell did I miss?
ITA! It makes no sense whatsoever. Both Philip and Brady are back in Salem. Why not do another Phloe vs Broe triangle?
Because they've been there, done that and I think there was too much outcry the last time because Philip got thrown under the bus with Jay leaving just to get Broe together.

I just think they wanted to move on. Maybe the actors wanted to. Corday seemed to want to go there earlier this year so something changed.
What changed was a BTS conflict between ES and DH involving KR.

H.S. had obviously set up story for Phloe starting with Greenland...
Sheffer's material stopped airing in late January. He didn't plot any of the plane crash stuff.
So that means the writers during the strike were setting up Phloe again, and when Hackley came she had them be FWB, set up Phorgan, KR left, and instead of doing the logical Phloe relationship she put Chloe with boring ass Lucas, and sent Phillip to be with Melanie and Stephanie. Dena Hackley is so :puke:
I thought Higley (under her husband's name) WAS writing during the strike, thus, stirring up the first of many incidents of controversy.
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