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Jan 2 2009, 08:11 PM
"Everything explodes in this room," says Christian. "It's raw, honest emotion. Once the feelings are out, she starts slapping him and hitting him. She tells him, 'I hate you!' Rather than just jump each other's bones, they resist. He genuinely says it's not just about sex. It would be easier on both of them if it was just sex."
I would call this a big bunch of bologna, but I don't want to offend Oscar Mayer.

Not just about sex? Please! I can't recall Daniel and Chloe having even two genuine conversations about anything to get to know each other. All I ever see are awkward glances and looks of constipation everytime they're in the same room together. It's ridiculous! To say that there's more to their attraction than just sex is beyond laughable.

As for the "raw, honest emotion," I think we got a sneak peek of that with Nadia's acting in the latest promo. My rear end produces more raw emotion than what we're going to see with these two. Gag!
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