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Jan 3 2009, 09:29 PM
Jan 3 2009, 09:26 PM
I wish Higley would stop making Daniel jump from bed to bed. I want to start liking Daniel again cause he use to be my favorite MALE character. I am afraid that one day Stephanie or Melanie is going to become ill, Daniel is her doctor and "her falls in love with her".

Why not Keep Daniel with Kate... i thought Shawn and Lauren had some good chemistry.

I thought Corday said, he liked the chemistry between Shawn and Lauren. He lied again.
I thought you said he listen to you.
well he does when it comes to Stephanie and Melanie. But I hope he will tell Higley to have Daniel settle down with 1 woman maybe KATE or CHELSEA. :) I liked him with both women.

I did leave around 20 comments on the Days comment line about having Daniel not jump from bed to bed and use SC to his full potential. Also throw in Melanie being Nicole's daughter :)

Or maybe give Daniel a Storyline that is away from a woman. Maybe a cute 17 year old brunette girl comes to salem claiming to be Daniel's long lost daughter, he never knew about. Instead of hopping from bed to bed, which makes me hate him more cause i don't want that to happen. Instead, he tries to get to know his daughter. I think this would be a good story for Shawn Christian because Dena Higley is not using him to his full potential. Plus make Daniel's daughter become BFF's with Melanie.

I could careless about Chloe, i was never a fan of her.
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