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Well, I'd like to see them get other jobs, too. But it's not easy for an older actress, especially one so long associated with a particular character. But I hope she does, and John, too. I think Hackley's goal was to stomp out big fan bases ie: Lumi, Ejami and Jarlena. I don't think she liked that people get so attached to couples, hence the random hook-ups in elevators and now the sleaze with Daniel and Chloe. For some reason she thinks it is entertaining to have people speed-dating. I also think she wants to get rid of the old fans and in with the new ones. The ones who love to watch the kid in the water heater type stuff. Someone should stuff here ass in a water heater. Corday is so passive. I don't even think he has control of the show. He seems afraid of something. I don't know, now I am just rambling. :blah: :blah:
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