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I loved Laguna Beach. It was such a unique show when it first came out. Season one was obviously the best season because it was the most real. Those kids could never have known what that show would bring some of them. Season two was great as well, but you could tell things were starting to be more set up by producers and the cast was being a little too dramatic, and perhaps fake just for the cameras. Season three was completely set up for the most part. But I still loved each and every season.

I even liked Newport Harbor.

Man, I miss this show. I understand that the fascination with Orange County is gone now that The O.C. is over, but I really wish they MTV would produce a new series taking place some place else. With Gossip Girl so popular right now, they should produce the same type of show in Manhattan. And it would work because MTV's already over on the east coast for The City. The two would go hand in hand.

I see it now, Manhattan: The Real Upper East Side. :lol:
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