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Jan 4 2009, 11:02 PM
Jan 4 2009, 11:01 PM
Jan 4 2009, 10:57 PM
It seems most Days exits in this decade have been rushed. I can't remember the last time Days did some long, drawn out exit. It seems like every writer since SSM writes these quick-ass exits that only last for 2-3 days tops and one day to say goodbye. That kind of BS starts at the top with Corday.
No doubt. I think he probably tries to have it both ways. Why pay tribute to someone who's been on the show for years, when all characters are "rested" anyway? But, he never brings these people back, and he therefore weasels out of giving them a proper sendoff. I think it's disgusting whenever it happens, but I think it's much, much worse with Deidre and Drake, given how long they've been on the show.
Thats not exactly true. Look at how many times Abe or Lexie came back.
Hasn't Abe been on straight since the early 90's? I know he was off for a year or two there because he went to Generations. (I'm not counting the SSK stuff in this, because we really don't know what happened there.) Lexie is a fair example, good point. But I think the number of other 'long-timers' that Corday's done this to paints a more true picture.
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