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Jan 4 2009, 11:59 PM
Jan 4 2009, 11:49 PM
Jan 4 2009, 11:48 PM
I'm not up on the spoilers, but are they getting married in the end? (they divorced??)
I wouldn't be surprised if an attempt was made on their lives, they reunited, married, and left town all in one episode.
Definitely can be done.

Look how fast they rushed people like Rex, Mimi, Shelle, Philip (KB), Patrick, Abby out the door. Suddenly in the last 2 min of an ep while they're somewhere like the hospital - "i'm leaving salem" and they're gone. Who can move that fast! lol.
All too true. Someone else said this, but they have rushed exits in the 00's. Rex just rushed out of the hospital after he found out about the abortion, and left Salem(and Cassie just vanished along with him). Shelle just decided they were going to go off, Philip ran off after discovering Claire was not his, I don't even remember how quick Abby left...Patrick had some build up, for some reason its always been the bad characters thats always had some build up(though its usually because they die or something). Like Andre's first exit was a tad rushed, but his second one sort of felt built up to with all that went on. Then of course there are people like Willow and Jan who randomly fall and hit their heads.

Overall, like you and others are saying, Days definitely does rush their exits and I doubt it'll be much different this time.
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