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This is why you should never let yourself hope. You don't get disappointed.

At this point, I really don't care if Charlotte tries to shoot John and Marlena, so long as they survive and are together and leave on decent terms with everyone. I've got my imagination and dvds for good memories.

But I feel extreme sadness that it's ending like this.

I do wish we'd seen whatever story they intended because to me it seems obvious that they did plan (I hesitate to use the word plan) something because of the way they pretty much forced the divorce, and it seems like Charlotte was going to be tied to Marlena's past as a psychiatrist. I've lost faith in the ability of these writers, and I still am annoyed they swapped Charlotte in for Kayla in this story and dropped all the brain cloud pawn stuff as if it never existed. But I never lost hope that they'd somehow give this story some direction. I would have liked to have seen it eventually play out. Of course, I'm also partially relieved because I'm scared at what that story could have been. Still, I'd have rather seen it play out naturally.

I do dislike Charlotte now because she's just in the way, but I did like her, and I would've liked to have seen her as an interloper between J&M, especially if it had something to do with Marlena and her father. That could have been interesting.

2008 is definitely the year of 'could have been' for me.
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