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You know, reading everyone's posts and thinking more about it, I kind of don't want her to be Kristen or Ava either. I kind of hope it's just someone from Marlena's past or something. I think it will end up that way anyway given the rushed exit of all 3 but you never know. I think even like the idea now of them making her Kristen or Ava just to lay seeds for future story because there is just too much risk involved there.

I do think Charlotte was supposed to short-term to start and then supposed to be something bigger (Kristen, Ava, etc) but then went through a third change, perhaps due to backlash of fans. maybe Days was going to keep her but changed their minds so they are rushing her out too. Sandra seemed to be hinting at sticking around. Then again, she also through out hints that her resemblance to Marlena meant something so that could come into play here and Sandra did seem to indicate in SOD when she joined she liked that it was short-term. She did seem happy about sticking around too so who knows.

I just want this all over with so we can move on LOL.
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