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Jan 6 2009, 03:38 AM
Jan 6 2009, 01:04 AM
I do think Charlotte was supposed to short-term to start and then supposed to be something bigger (Kristen, Ava, etc) but then went through a third change, perhaps due to backlash of fans.
I completely disagree - she's only been on a month! lol I don't think there's been any time for backlash. And if Days was so concerned about backlash, believe me, they'd be writing the J&M exit story quite differently.
People were complaining the minute they heard Charlotte would be his therapist and what we are seeing now was taped around the first week of December so, yes, backlash could've been a factor, especially since we haven't see much hints Charlotte going psycho like this. We know she has some sort of issue but they really haven't been explicit about it onscreen as of yet so backlash could've played a role.

I'm sure they know the J&M story is rushed. I just doubt they care. Nearly every exit since 2000 has been horribly rushed and I think once they committ to something, they just go with it. In other words, they are too lazy to put effort into a story for people who are leaving. I think it's flat out obvious judging by this and past exits over the past 8-9 years that once they axe you, they just don't care. They put something out there to make it look like they made an effort and that is it. They don't care until the people return or are back on the show again.

They are probably taking the chance to try to hook fans on the other stories before J&M leave just so they can cover their bases and not lose alot of fans. As I've mentioned, I don't see it hurting the ratings but they will lose fans and I think they are hoping to push the other stories enough so some may find something else on the show to watch. I doubt that will help but I think that is their mindset.
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