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Jan 6 2009, 03:18 PM
AS has always tried to maintain neutrality, and she usually gets shit for it from both sides.
Where you see "neutrality", I see her having tried to have it both ways. I know that both Lumi and Ejami fans have been very upset about past interviews with Ali, where she's heavily promoted one pairing at the expense of the other. I've seen Lumi fans say that Ali has thrown their fanbase under the bus, and I know that especially recently, some Ejami fans have felt the same.

If I were in either of those fanbases, what might make me feel better would be to hear something from her like, "I know some people aren't enjoying this story right now, and that's difficult for me, but we'd ask that you give it a try, and you can always write in to the show to make your feelings known." But instead, she seems to throw all her support behind the current couple, leaving the other fans (and perhaps even the other actors?) a little bit alienated.
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