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Jan 6 2009, 03:46 PM
I really don't remember AS propping EJami. I would say she in the past has tried not to commit one way or the other, but she was quite vocal about Bryan Datillo leaving for a few months and that she thought that was a mistake. I wouuld say if anything in the past she seemed to be propping Lumi, possibly because she and BD are good friends and she thought it would help ensure his job security. I can't stand AS, BD, Lumi or EJami, so I personally would be relieved if I never saw another moment of either Lumi or EJami. I can see why AS would be tired of getting stuck in the middle of warring fanbases.
This has been my take too. I can't ever recall her propping Ejami, in fact, I thought she was very much for Lucas. Which was fine always with me so long as they united and left the show.

I don't get why AS fans would be anti-rapist since Sami is one and has done terrible things herself. That seems so odd. I'd think BD fans would think that way, but not AS fans.

fyi - I haven't cared about any of the Sami pairings for quite a while, and certainly don't now. This is just what I remember reading since I've been on boards, but I didn't start visiting boards till this year (maybe June).

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