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Jan 6 2009, 04:24 PM
She's never offered more than lukewarm praise for Ejami. I think her fencesitting over the rape is a bigger factor in terms of alienating people. She'd gain more respect across the board if she took a firm position (any position) rather than giving these political non-responses whenever the subject is broached. It's not an issue where "seeing both sides" is a tenable position: either she thinks the story is offensive/destructive to her character or she doesn't.
That does make sense, and to me (I know you will probably disagree), it actually explains part of why I don't think she's a very good actress. I think she needs to pick an angle in her head and work from there, and I haven't seen her doing that at all. I will 100% grant her that the writers haven't done that either, but I don't think she's playing Sami with any conviction either way.

Regarding her praise for Ejami, I actually found one of the quotes I was thinking of - I think the "they did us a huge favor" is what got me, though you're right, this isn't direct praise for the Ejami pairing. This is from an SOD article in April '08.

"Ironically it was Bryan R. Dattilo's exit that helped along a potential EJ/Sami pairing. 'There's no way they could have done it with Lucas there', notes Sweeney. 'it reminds me of how they had to send Sami away when Austin Peck [ex-Austin] first came on the show so Carrie and Austin could reunite. If Lucas had been there, there is absolutely no way it could have played out that Sami and EJ could get together because it wasn't possible with the circumstances. They did us a huge favor, unfortunately for Bryan. It was horrible to work without him; I missed him tremendously, but it didn't take away from Sami's love for Lucas to have her get close to this guy when she believed Lucas was going to be gone forever.'"
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