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Jan 6 2009, 04:38 PM
Jan 6 2009, 04:24 PM
She's never offered more than lukewarm praise for Ejami. I think her fencesitting over the rape is a bigger factor in terms of alienating people. She'd gain more respect across the board if she took a firm position (any position) rather than giving these political non-responses whenever the subject is broached. It's not an issue where "seeing both sides" is a tenable position: either she thinks the story is offensive/destructive to her character or she doesn't.
That does make sense, and to me (I know you will probably disagree), it actually explains part of why I don't think she's a very good actress. I think she needs to pick an angle in her head and work from there, and I haven't seen her doing that at all. I will 100% grant her that the writers haven't done that either, but I don't think she's playing Sami with any conviction either way.

Regarding her praise for Ejami, I actually found one of the quotes I was thinking of - I think the "they did us a huge favor" is what got me, though you're right, this isn't direct praise for the Ejami pairing.
I think that was just a poor choice of words. She was trying to convey that they did the Ejami pairing a huge favor sidelining Lucas but it came out as if they'd done her and JS a big favor. lol. I'm pretty sure that wasn't her intent.
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