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Jan 6 2009, 04:52 PM
Jan 6 2009, 04:44 PM
She says that Sami loves Lucas but not that Sami loves EJ, and to me what she's saying is the only way the writers had to make it work was to have Lucas totally offscreen, because otherwise an EJami pairing isn't credible. She reiterates that the only reason EJami happened is she thought Lucas was going to be away forever. At least, that's how I read it; to me what she's saying is she never would have gone to bed with EJ if Lucas had been around.

The "huge favor" part is weird, though; it's the one thing that doesn't quite mesh, for me, with the rest of her comments. It doesn't even really make sense.
I understand what you're saying... I think though that her tone might have been that she wanted an Ejami pairing, but Lucas (Bryan) got in the way, hence the "huge favor". Her example is Carrie and Austin, who were the 'rooting couple', and Sami got in the way.

Obviously we can't get in her head though lol - it's all just our guesses as to what she meant!
Could you refresh my memory? Why did they "have to" send Sami away when Austin Peck came on? My memory of that time is hazy, but I don't remember ever considering Sami a real threat to Carrie and Austin, who were always clearly established as the rooting couple, even though I didn't like them (or at least, I didn't like Carrie). Is she claiming that the audience would only accept Carrie and Austin if she wasn't around? Because that to me is what she's saying: that she, Sami, was a real threat to Austin and Carrie, and that Lucas was a real threat to EJ and Sami, that people wouldn't buy Austin/Carrie or EJami with their respective threats.

I guess I just don't get what her point is because I don't remember that time well enough. I actually think she's overstating Sami's importance to Carrie/Austin, because I always thought of Sami as the bratty too-young interloper whereas Lucas and Sami were already established as a couple (though I didn't like them) before EJ came along.
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