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Jan 6 2009, 05:30 PM
...and for me as an Ejami fan, even when she tried to sell me Ejami storyline, it always felt half ass, as with that previous quote you posted. Like EJami will only work if Lucas isn't there...not much of a supercouple.
Oh, that's a very interesting point. Ok, if we have both Lumi and Ejami fans in this thread who are saying that Ali wasn't full-on supporting Ejami, I think that probably has me convinced, lol.

I agree Alligato that she's selling the story, though I think (and maybe it is just her choice of wording), the way she does it leads to half of her fans' being alienated. I remember the "they did us a huge favor" article causing a big stir, especially since she was talking about her costar's being removed from the show for a period of time. Again I don't sympathize with her for having to sell that, but imo there are far more diplomatic ways she could have done that.
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