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Jan 7 2009, 02:14 AM
Jan 7 2009, 01:12 AM
I kind of get the vibe that James Scott and Ali don't get along all that well. Before anyone goes off on me for saying so, its just a hunch and I could be way off.

James seems THRILLED that EJ is away from Sami and Ali seems THRILLED that Sami is away from EJ. Fun to speculate regardless if it's true or not.
For awhile it didn't seem like anyone had the warm and fuzzy's for Ali ... as far as James I think he's happy with a change of pace. He seems to really enjoy working with Ari. And it seems like Ali really likes working with Galen again a change of pace. I'm sure actors like a change up ... I get the impression that the actors are aware of the fanbase couple wars but would rather they have fans on their own not just fans for the pairing.
Good points.

I think any actor is always up for a change of pace. I think Drake and Dee were and that is why they loved the material they were getting up until around Fall of 2008. First, Dee got to play vengeful Marlena and when Drake returned she got to play off of a new John and Drake got to play, essentially, a new character.

These actors don't want to play the same things over and over and sometimes we all forget that. For as often as many of us complain about predictability and the same old stories over and over, imagine the actors having to play those stories over and over.
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