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Jan 7 2009, 09:36 AM
Jan 7 2009, 01:12 AM
I kind of get the vibe that James Scott and Ali don't get along all that well. Before anyone goes off on me for saying so, its just a hunch and I could be way off.

James seems THRILLED that EJ is away from Sami and Ali seems THRILLED that Sami is away from EJ. Fun to speculate regardless if it's true or not.
I think both AS and JS have real issues with the rape and then Sami supposedly falling in love with her rapist ESPECIALLY since Sami was raped by Alan years ago.

As for Ali and Bryan, they have been so close for so very long, its not surprising that they have ups and downs in their relationship especially when you factor in all the goings on behind the scenes. I think they both love Sami and Lucas but welcome changes and other couplings. However, I could see a rift forming if she wanted Lumi because she had issues with EJami and he wanted Lucas to move on.
I think any good actor wants to be challenged and in soaps characters/actors can get in a rut if they are paired with the same character/actor for a long time. I think being paired with someone new has got to be refreshing and challenging .... now these actors are also asked to do very intimate scenes with each other and the comfort level could be different the female actors may want to do love scenes with someone they are comfortable with and that they have come to learn to trust .... the males actors may not have that unease and are ok with someone different infact welcome the change. Ali is obviously comfortable with Bryan and I am sure Bryan makes those scenes so easy with his humor defusing the awkwardness of it all. If I were Ali I would find doing those types of scenes with James or any other actor possibly uncomfortable and intimidating. It makes you wonder if Ali thought this would be a good time to get pregnant that would cut down on those uncomfortable love making scenes. I know they are all professional and are no strangers to the sex scenes - but still folks it has to be rather intimidating no matter how many times you do them.
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