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[Note: SOD and SOW both have articles this week on the John and Marlena story. SOD's article features an interview with Sandra Robinson, and SOW's features an interview with Eric Martsolf. Since the plot points covered in both articles are identical, both articles will be summarized together in this one post.]

Last week John remembered seeing Marlena on the pier, and this week, John's hypnotherapy appointment with Dr. Taylor continues. SOD says he recalls "even more".

However, Charlotte withholds information from John, while meanwhile Marlena learns that Charlotte left her last job under questionable circumstances. Martsolf tells SOW that John is having a breakthrough, but Charlotte "is not letting him know this." After John's session with Charlotte is over, Charlotte tells John that she has determined that hypnosis will not work for him. This makes John discouraged and angry.

John then goes to talk to Marlena, and he tells her he wants a second opinion and calls her "Doc", which makes her think that perhaps the hypnosis did some good. Marlena kisses John, hoping that this will "initiate a breakthrough" as SOD puts it, but his memory doesn't come back.

Marlena then tells Brady that she doesn't trust Charlotte. Brady breaks into Charlotte's office and finds John's session on Charlotte's laptop, and Brady realizes that John's memory is returning.

Charlotte, however, asks John to go away with her, so that he can start his own life without the pressure of having to remember his past life. She tells him the only way to start this new life is without Marlena. John is quickly convinced that going away is a good idea, but he tells Charlotte that he won't leave without Marlena.

Marlena then confronts Charlotte, and they have an argument, which Sandra Robinson tells SOD "is not quite a catfight, but it looks like something that can escalate." Charlotte is furious with Marlena for questioning her methods, so she asks Kayla to intervene. However, while Marlena and Charlotte are in Kayla's office, Brady emails John's session to Marlena. Charlotte then realizes someone has been in her office, and as Sandra Robinson puts it, "it does not go over so well."

At home, Marlena tells Brady that "what he's doing is unethical", says Martsolf. But then Brady sits at Marlena's computer, pulls up John's session, and tells Marlena to just watch what's on the screen.

Martsolf tells SOW that when Marlena watches John's session, "It's a big moment.... she's very emotional, thinking, 'I may get my man back.' She breaks down, and Brady comforts her."

However, Marlena and Brady are both extremely angry at Charlotte. Martsolf says that "Neither of them is going to rest until they get Charlotte. They're going to get revenge together."

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