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SOW interviews Shawn Christian this week about Daniel and Chloe's story.

At Lucas and Chloe's engagement party, when Daniel and Chloe are together, Lucas knocks on the door. Christian tells SOW that this "shocks them back to reality". They get dressed, and Chloe tells Lucas she'll be right there. Then, Chloe tells Daniel that the two of them are finished. Christian says that in that moment, there "is an acknowledgement" of what Chloe and Daniel feel for each other. "It's beyond sex. In fact, it would be easier if it was just sex." Daniel explains to Chloe that what they have together is "not just physical".

Daniel then keeps asking Chloe if she's sure Lucas is right for her. Daniel tells Chloe he can tell that Chloe doesn't feel the same about Lucas as she does for him.

Then, Daniel and Chloe head down to the engagement party. Daniel makes a toast to the couple and says "I hope all your choices are the right ones and completely fulfill you." Later, Daniel again talks to Chloe and reminds her of their past experiences together: "I know, and you know how we feel about each other, and it wasn't just upstairs."

The next day, Chloe goes to Daniel's apartment, to, as SOW puts it, "insist last night never happened". Daniel asks Chloe to be honest, and he tells her that he thinks her marrying Lucas is a mistake.

Chloe and Daniel then end up making love. Christian says that Daniel "challenges Chloe about how she feels about him. He physically gets into her space. It's a slow burn, if you will."

Kate interrupts the couple when she comes by to drop off something that Daniel left at the party. But Christian says that after Kate leaves, Chloe and Daniel "don't just go back at it." Kate's presence made them realize that what they're doing is "twisted" and wrong.

The article ends with Christian saying that he doesn't know how Daniel and Chloe are going to be able to turn off their feelings. "... no one has stirred Daniel's soul like Chloe. Romance and love aren't always found in a field of flowers. They can be found in some dark corners, too."
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