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Here are my feelings. First of all, if we pretend for a minute that D&D weren't fired, I think this story sounds terrible. This is a blatant ripoff (imo) of Alex North, which was hardly the most successful story in Days history. In other words, ripping off John/Kristen is one thing, but why copy a story that many felt was poorly written?

But, given that Drake and Deidre were fired, I don't buy for a MINUTE that this was the original story and rewrites weren't possible. In fact, given what Sandra Robinson said in that radio interview, it sounds like this story was constructed around the fact that J&M would be leaving. This leads me to believe that Days had no issue at all putting Drake and Deidre with Sandra Robinson and Eric Martsolf in their last weeks of scenes. Let's look at it this way: The key issue in the story is that John needs to get his memory back within a matter of weeks. That opens up so many possibilities! To me, that's almost the ideal setup if one is forced to pay tribute to two longtime characters. Have Marlena tell John about their past! Have her hypnotize him. Have them go away together to a secluded place where they can try to work things out. Have people from John's past come on to try to jog his memory. Instead, Dr. Charlotte Taylor hypnotizes John, while Marlena, an accomplished psychiatrist, tries her own technique: kissing him. COME ON. If anyone had any doubts that Dena doesn't like the character of Marlena, I think this is your proof.

I think this story is a terrible insult to Drake, Deidre and the Days viewers. Deidre and Drake (and their fans) have devoted years to the show, and the show returns that devotion with this. I find it a slap in the face, and I honestly think the show should be ashamed and embarrassed to put this on the air.
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